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English Requirements

Thursday, 30. August 2007 15:24:33, by David Jobet


Currently you will need

It is possible that Wiclear works with older version but I do not know. Drop me a note if you've managed to make it work with other versions.

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Debian Issue

Monday, 7. March 2005 10:19:04, by Royke K

Debian Woody clear , vanilla install with all security update. Apache runs as www-data.
wiclear directory placed at /var/www (default Debian apache).
Installed sucessfuly.
However antibot not work, openssl not work.
I can login but cannot logoff. Each time I click logoff, return to the same page.


Mailing list

Monday, 7. March 2005 10:34:40, by David Jobet

Please, use the mailing list. See this page : http://wiclear.free.fr//index.php/en/Developers I do not know what can the problem with openssl (never tested so far). I do not have a debian to test sorry. For all other problems (antibot + logoff), I think this is can be a cookie issue. Inspect with your browser the domain set on the cookie. Verify it's the same as the one on your site. Please, use the mailing list.

Bug page

Monday, 7. March 2005 11:12:55, by David Jobet

You can use the bug page (which is opened to edition) : http://wiclear.free.fr//index.php/en/Bugs

Soo Good

Wednesday, 3. January 2007 00:42:17, by DaniloX07

Hi! congratulations it's a very nice script, and easy for configuration thx, i'm only 1 question, i tray to use in windows server and IIS don't permit me configuring the wiki, use apache is not and option 'cause part of site is in ASP, exist any option for solve this problem?

No IIS support

Wednesday, 3. January 2007 23:02:49, by David Jobet

Alas, I'm sorry but there is no IIS support.
If IIS does support PHP and MySql, I guess this should be quite straightforward to do as I do not rely a lot on apache support (several server side environment variables, one or two at most + mod_rewrite but this is optional).
The thing is windows is not free, nor is IIS.
I develop on linux only and I don't plan to do otherwise. Sorry...


Thursday, 30. August 2007 12:52:14, by Pierre HOPQUIN

Ask for MySQL 4.1 At least : the subqueries aren't supported before this version ( and are used in the sub nodes functions )


Sunday, 9. December 2007 03:54:26, by kate p.

Where do i get php and the other thing (Besides wiclear)


Wednesday, 12. December 2007 03:03:30, by David Jobet

Windows. See http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/WAMP
Linux. See http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/LAMP