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English Roadmap

Monday, 5. June 2006 11:16:08, by anonymous anonymous


See also the TODO page.

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translation plugin?

Monday, 1. May 2006 03:48:02, by guest guest

What is purpose of the "translation plugin" that is to be expected in version 1.0?

A plugin to keep track of untranslated pages

Monday, 1. May 2006 12:31:16, by David

This is a plugin that would help keep track of untranslated pages, or pages that are not uptodate.

Wish List

Friday, 20. April 2007 22:56:40, by rwap

We really could do with some mreo editing tools - current ones are not very advanced, and particularly when entering links, this can be difficult.

Also any chance of indicating which links go to non-existant pages, so that it is easy to see where work is required.

plugin ?

Saturday, 21. April 2007 17:34:38, by David Jobet

> editing tools : yes this is a common query. I already tried (and failed) to integrate Dojo. I guess I'll have to try again.

>links go to non-existant pages : well, I don't really want to add one more sql query. There are already far too much queries needed to load a page. I'd prefer to have it in a plugin that could either :
* list all broken links somewhere when viewing a page,
* be invoked for a particular page (and its sub nodes),
* be invoked for all pages at once.

What do you think ?