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Sunday, 6. February 2005 23:42:27, by David Jobet


Welcome to wiclear home page

Wiclear is a Wiki engine. That is, a software to create web sites where content is freely editable online. Wiclear is in early development and has few features, compared to more advanced projects like Wikini, Wikimedia or other well known wiki engines : you'd better use them before looking in more details to WiClear.

What are the goals of WiClear ?

WiClear is all the most an attempt to rewrite the Nosica web site. Nosica used a very light wiki (home made), and it was time to rewrite it in good php. It is Dotclear that gave me the desire to rewrite a wiki and learn some more php.
Main features are easy themability, multi lang supports (not only UI but content as well), and a plugin architecture.

Want to know more ?

See Features page for current features and planned features.
See Requirements for what you need if you want to give a try to wiclear.
See Download page to download stable versions, or see tla page to retrieve development version.
Test Wiclear in the Bugs page or in the Sand box page.
See Web sites using Wiclear


2005, 06th of February

0.7-beta5 is out ! Get it on the Download page.

2005, 27th of January

0.7-beta4 is out ! Get it on the Download page.

2005, 22th of January

0.7-beta3 is out ! Get it on the Download page.
The site has now been upgraded to use that version. If everything goes well it will be released as 0.7.

2005, 07th of January

0.7-beta2 is out ! Get it on the Download page.
The upgrade script is here as well as a perl script to help translate the site with bug fixes.

2004, 20th of December

0.7-beta1 is out ! Get it on the Download page.
This brings in multilingual for contents.
That is you can have access in one click to translated versions of node, or contribute a translation yourself provided the admin has authorized a particular lang.
I've upgraded the install program so that you can test it, but this is beta : with a lots of bugs left : please CC me when you'll find one. I'll writer later (before 0.7) a program to upgrade an existing wiclear install from 0.6 to 0.7.
I'll upgrade this wiki to 0.7 as soon as I'll be happy with stability (shortly I hope) and will start translating it to french.

2004, 04th of November

0.6 is out ! Get it on the Download page.

2004, 10th of October

0.5 is out ! Get it on the Download page.