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Monday, 19. February 2007 18:36:36, by Sylvain Le Gall



Lots of spam lately. Sick of cleaning the site all the time. I'm currently moving to USA and I have not received my furnitures yet. So I cannot code right now an antispam module. Therefore, and until further notice, anonymous edition and comments are temporarily forbidden.
Update : anti spam module is now coded, it needs to be trained. Anonymous are welcome again.

good to see you Again

I can See You


Geändert :-)


Testing a table:


This seems pretty easy...!is it?

This is amongst the best so far. I wish this edit screen was on top of the document being edited though. I had to discover it below the screen's bottom.

I had to find the edit button first, and then the form to edit.. maybe I need a coffee ??? nt Nobody will let me use a <b>bold</b> *bold* **bold** bold (avec deux _ avant et après) tag.

David: Using html is authorized provided you modify one line of code in WiclearWikiRenderer.conf.lib. I'll add another configuration entry in admin panel in next release. The problem with authorizing html is that this site is declared/served as xhtml : any html errors will induce xhtml validation errors in xhtml capable browser such as firefox, resulting in an unviewable page. So I guess the best way would be to allow html content as well as declaring/serving the page as html only...


Add something here.

Coucou de chez Arno


You can test what you want here

Test d'echappement : \n


Test chinois : `} :-(

Test german:

aeueoesharp s

well done :-)

Test Corean:

Re-re-re-test de notification email

small Hungarian test ;)

the quick brown fox is here or not ?

  1. ttt
  2. uizuiz

Une Image hjfjfj

testing 123

blah blah

test ? Un peu dommage qu'une syntaxe qu'on "intuite" comme étant du souligné donne du gras. Le *gras* avec des étoiles a l'avantage d'être un peu plus "traditionnel". Idem pour le /italique/, mais ça se voit de moins en moins (ne serait-ce que sous dotclear), sans-doute à cause de le confusion avec les paths. Ces récriminations aigries de ma part ne sont pas à prendre en compte, bien évidemment, on est dans le bac à sable après tout ;)



Bla Fasel

Lorem ipsum dolor es sit amet blah blah blah :)

Test merge

SELECT * from user

Is it me or is this editor slow? Could it be the server side or my client?

david : Well, my provider "www.free.fr" is somehow victim of its own success. As a result, this web site is sometimes really slow.

testwww.eclipse.org linkname garbage




?ánh th? ti?ng Vi?t coi có ???c không

á à ? ã ? ? ? ? ? ? ? â ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Testing Greek



Does this track changes?

??? <a href="http://wiclear.free.fr/?%3F%3F%(..)

CamelCase!!!!!!========;:;:dies ist ein link

Test image