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Wednesday, 8. February 2006 23:27:04, by David Jobet



What is it ?

This features allows you to watch a page and be notified each time it is modified. You will receive an email each time

How ?

Click on the Subscribe link in the edit area.

Subscribe link

The link should change from Subscribe to Unsubscribe which means you're currently subscribed and you can now unsubscribed if you wish.

If you go into your preferences you will see a link enabling you to have a look to the list of pages you're watching.

Subscrive view link

For example, I'm currently watching those pages :

Subscrive view

As you can see, you can also stop watching a particular page by using the delete link, you can stop watching everything using the "unwatch all" link, and you can also watch all children of a watched page by using the "Watch recursively" link.

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