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This is the last step of the install process. This is here you will create the first user of your new installed Wiki. Caution, this user is an admin user. This means you should take particular care not to forget the password if you want to be able to admin the site ! :-)

((admin_creation.png|Admin creation))

You have to enter
* a login : the login of your admin user
* the admin first name (optional)
* the admin last name (optional)
* the password (choose a carefully crafted password, because with the login it is the only protection against piracy)
* your preferred lang for the content. You chose several step before the default lang for the site, but this is not automatically your preferred language. For example on Wiclear's site, the default lang is english but I prefer french.
* Your preferred lang for the interface, usually it will be the same as the preferred lang for the content but not necessarily. An example : On Wiclear's site, pages are available in english (the default lang) and most pages are translated into french. As I've declared only two available langs in the admin panel, a user must choose only between those 2 langs for the content. But if the user is russian or deutch, or spanish or whatever he may want to browse in french with a russian interface...

Once you're ready, hit the "Create user" button and let's see the result :

((admin_created.png|Admin created))

Which acknowledge the admin user was correctly created, you can now hit the "Finish configuration" button.

This will finish the configuration and will display the following page :

((wiki_ready.png|Wiki ready))

The button "Manage your wiki" will now redirect you to the [admin panel|Admin]. You will have the choice to start editing your wiki's preferences from the admin panel or to go to your freshly installed Wiclear site and [start contributing|Edit] content.

As you will see, the default style of a Wiclear site has no style ! :-) Your first step will certainly to go to the admin panel and try available themes to choose one that suits you.

Here's a screenshot of the main page after a successfull install (click to enlarge) :

((main_page_after_successfull_install.png|Main page after successfull install||Main page after successfull install|300|300))

You can use Wiclear's site as a report media for [wanted features|Features#Wanted], [bugs|Bugs], ...%%%
I Hope you will find Wiclear usefull :-)