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The admin panel allows you to administrate the site.

If you have installed Wiclear into http://yourwebsite.org/wiclear then the admin panel is available at http://yourwebsite.org/wiclear/admin

It is available only to admin class users. Users may be
* anonymous
* normal user
* moderator
* admin

Only admin users have the right to login. Other users will be rejected.

It allows you to
* add/delete/edit the [languages|Langs] that will be used for the content
* manage your [users|Users], give them moderator or admin rights, delete them, edit their details ...
* define [groups|Groups] of users which will allow you to fine tune the rights you give to users on particular pages
* manage [metadatas|Admin metadatas] which is a native mechanism for tagging pages with extra information. Metdatas will enables you finer search/filtering of pages (well one day, because metadatas are in places but only one plugin uses them)
* perform basic [database maintenance|Database maintenance]
* edit the [preferences|Admin preferences] of the site
* and of course handle the installed [plugins|Tools]

This is how appears the admin panel once you're logged in :

((admin_panel.png|The admin panel))

It is not very cute, is it ?%%%
I must agree with you here. The problem is I don't have a well developped artistic feeling ! ;-) Anyway, it is functional enough to be used, and you can edit the template.php file and the css in the admin directory if you want to customize it (it works the same way as themes available for users).

The main tab shows you only the installed version number (it displays what's contained into the file "VERSION"). Other tabs enable you to have quick access to the desired functionality.

There is another form just below providing you with a quick link to go back to the wiki itself.

Before accessing the admin panel, you will have first to [login|Admin login].