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!How can you create a new page ?
You can create a page in two ways :
* either you have added an "inside" link, or
* you just want to add a new page

!Adding an "inside" link
Well, that just means you have [edited|Edit] some content and added a link to another page in that content. With the default wiki syntax, this is done by using the brackets "\[" "]". For example \[[Edit]]. Which creates a link to the Edit page.%%%
So let's say you just added a link to the new \[BlueMotor] page. Now what ?%%%
Well, simply click on the new link and you will be shown an empty page. Then follows the documentation of the [Edit] page : you will edit an empty page, thus adding a new page.

!Adding directly a new page
If you want to add a new fresh page, then use the edit area and click on the "Add content" link.

((add.png|Add content link))

This will initialize the edit form explained in the [Edit] page with only a prefilled value : the parent relationship. This means the page being added will, by default, be the child of the page you used to create the new page.

But hey, if I'm adding a new page this way with no pages having a link to it, isn't it an orphan page ? In other wiki software this will be an orphan page yes, but not with Wiclear. This is because each page is the child of another page, so per construction there is no orphan. The parent relationship (that you can see using the location and sub nodes area) will allow you to reach each pages, any time.