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!Database information
Wiclear will now ask you to enter the coordinates of the database to use to host Wiclear.%%%

((db_info.png|Database information))

* SQL host is the name of the machine that runs the MySQL database server
* login is the login to use to connect to the MySQL server
* password is the password to use (in conjunction with the login) to connect to the MySQL server
* database is the name of the database you have read/creation/write/modification access so that Wiclear can install its own tables in it
* prefix is a string that will prefix each Wiclear's table name so that you can install several software inside the same database without any name clash. For example, my ISP gave me only one database and I installed dotclear and wiclear on the same database. Each dotclear's tables are prefixed by dc_ and each wiclear's tables are prefixed by wc_ which ease backup/restore. You can leave it empty.

Once you have finished filling the form, hit the "Create tables" button. Wiclear will first test the connection to the database before attempting to create the tables.

If everything went well, you will see a report like this :

((db_creation_result.png|Database creation result))

You can now hit the "Create Wiki configuration" button, this will give you the [next page|Basic Wiclear configuration] (click to continue).