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Current features

Here are the currently implemented features. Some need more work of course.


Easy to make, easy to change.
Currently Wiclear has the same themes capability as dotclear.
Current wiki version comes with three themes : default, blue and dokuwiki.

multi lang support

Wiki fully supports i18n (both the interface and the content).
Display the content according to user's lang and switch back to the wiki's default lang if not found.
It provides links to translate pages when needed.

hierarchical content

All nodes have a parent. That means it is easy to navigate in the site, simply follows the sub node panel on the left or the location bar on the top.
That also means orphan pages cannot happen.

commentable content

I find this one really usefull when you want to create some docs.


can be saved, browsed, and diff can be performed against any version

search capability

you can enter search keywords
you can see last modifications


Each pages have ACL. ACL can be editable and applied to current page or recursively to all sub nodes. ACLs can define read/write/comment rights. Plugins can add their own ACL type.

comment and history deletion

for moderators only

Admin panel

Where you can

Install program

The wizard is done in 4 steps, and you're done : you can start editing your wiki.


RSS (0.91 and 1.0) and ATOM version of the "Recent changes" page.

plugin architecture

This is available both in the admin panel and in the wiki application.
For now, there is an UTF-8 conversion plugin, and a SitePlan plugin.

UTF-8 support

It's given as a plugin that allows one to convert the whole db from latin1 to UTF-8.

what links here feature

so that it is possible to know which pages link on current page

email notifications

Allow the user to be notified when someone edit a page or add a comment to a page he is watching.

Alternate title

So that it is possible to specify a more readable title in some cases (translation, title collision)

Friendly page displayed when browsing to wiki root before install


Detect words with at least 2 upper case letters and make a link out of it.

Anti bot registration page

So that bot cannot easily register.

Delete documents

For admin and moderators


They have the format SpecialPage:string.

For example : SpecialPage:site_plan

Site plan

Automatically generates site plan on one page with shrinkable trees (need javascript).

Conflict handling when editing a page

When a conflict is detected, contents are merged. Last user is responsible for resolving eventual conflicts.

keywords and metadata on each pages

so that related pages can be added to current page

RSS feed

Global :

Per page :

Rss feeds contain either the title or the whole content.

Title of the page in the browser

Modify the title of the page so that it is more understandable. It contains at least

It allows to have better understandable entries in the history

Allow html/php content

Html content is available provided an option is activated using the admin panel (since 0.8.2).

Image upload tool for users

Allow users to upload images so that it is not necessary to have server access to do it.

The ability to attach files to pages

This is how you can upload files, including images. There is a mini system that recognizes mime types and display corresponding icons.

Remote files browser

It exists a browser allowing one to navigate accross the file structure of transferred files. This browser can be called from wiki syntax, allowing to create image gallery for example.


Root page can be changed

Ban IPs

Some IP should be banned : no addition/no comment allowed for them.

Edit "by title"

Instead of having to edit the whole page, allow to edit just the section of text following a title.

Table of content generation

Wiclear can be configured (or not) to generate automatically a table of content

Simple toolbar

This plugin integrates an edition toolbar in the edition form.

Plugin anti spam


This is optional. It allows the content to be generated once and be cached so that viewing it involves reading a plain html file instead of regenerating it from scratch each time. This saves CPU, thus troughput on the server side.

Wanted features

Here are features I'd like, features I need to improve

Tag and Tag Cloud

It would be really nifty if tag support was added to WiClear. Tags make it exceedingly easy to (you guessed it) tag information and quickly retrieve it, even if the wiki pages are under different hierarchies.

David : Well, yes. Making a plugin based on a metadata 'Tag' field should not be hard. A 'category' feature based on it is already available in the WikiBlog plugin. I guess I should extract it and also add a Tag and TagCloud out of it...

Find Links

A simple tool would be really handy when you preview a page (prior to publishing) to highlight any phrases used on the page that could link to a page in the Wiki. It would also help if non-existant links could also be highlighted in the version you see on screen, so you know what needs changing.

user home page

allow registered users to have dedicated home page where they can enter what they want

Add an option to use wiki2xhtml as well

Have an install option where you can point to an existing database.

Don't understand this one

Rich : I would guess it is where you want to re-install WiClear rather than a new install or upgrade. At the moment, WiClear tries on installation to create the tables afresh and then reports that they already exist.

David : well, wiclear has an "update" mode that takes care of updating all tables when changing versions. See page update_howto. Or perhaps is it usefull when you have lost your config.ini ?

Ability to create users from the Admin interface

OK. I'd personally prefer to let the user do the registration themselves but I guess this is a matter of taste.


Inter wiki link

So that it is possible to quickly create links to other web sites. Example : [Wikipedia:html] would create a link to the wikipedia web page. It should be possible to extend the notation to make link automatically to other sites. For example : [bugzilla:32008]



Add redirection pages (like Wikip├ędia) : the user gets automatically redirected to another page. On this other page, a comment says a redirection occured and provides a link to edit the redirection.


Avec support de BlogguerAPI, metaWeblog API et MovableType API

Textile/MarkDown/Creole support

The only thing to do is to create 3 other WikiRenderer conf classes and switch between them from the conf.

Blog plugin enhancement

OpenId support

See the spec

Add RTL support

If somebody cares to do it, I'll integrate it. Currently I do not know how it works and it's of no use for me, so I don't plan to work on it.