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Creating and managing groups allows you to fine tune the rights you associate to a page or a set of page.%%%
For now, the only rights that can be set is the write rights. I hope I'll be able to add comment/move/view/attach/'plugin defined' rights later.

Anyway, this is here you will create groups and assign users to a group.

((admin_groups.png|Admin group management))

* To create a new group, simply enter the name of the new group in the input field and hit the "Add group" button.
* To delete a group, click on the delete link. All ACLs linked to that group will be deleted as well.

!Viewing/Modifying a group
Simply click on the group's name to see the composition of the group.

((admin_view_group.png|Admin view group))

* On the left pane are shown available users that are not part of the current group.
* On the right pane are shown the current member of the group.

Use the ">>" and "<<" button to add new members of the group or to remove some.