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The installation program allows you to easily install Wiclear.%%%
If you had already installed wiclear, it enables you to update your wiclear installation.

The procedure is described in the [Install howto|install_howto] :
* upload your wiclear files on your webserver (/path-to-html-root/wiclear on server http://yourserver.com for example)
* open a browser and type in the url that points to the directory where you have uploaded wiclear (http://yourserver.com/wiclear)
* As wiclear detects it has no configuration yet, it will display a Maintenance mode message saying you have successfully deployed wiclear, it is now time to configure it. Wiclear will provides a link to the install program. You can go directly to it by appending install to the path : (http://yourserver.com/wiclear/install)

((wiclear_fresh_install.png|Maintenance mode message after deployment))

The installation program will now show a [basic verification|Basic verification] page (click to continue).

The procedure is covered in the [Update howto|update_howto]. However if we take the same notation as above, here are the following steps :
* backup your old install
* upload your new install
* copy your old configuration file conf/config.ini from your backup to the new install
* open a browser directly to http://yourserver.com/wiclear/install and follow the instructions