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Wednesday, 1. December 2004 11:09:49, by David Jobet


Current features

Here are the currently implemented features. Some need more work of course.


Easy to make, easy to change.
Currently Wiclear has the same themes capability as dotclear.
Current wiki version comes with two themes : default and blue (unfinished).

multi lang support

Only the interface is multi lang for now (english and french).

hierarchical content

All nodes have a parent. That means it is easy to navigate in the site, simply follows the sub node panel on the left or the location bar on the top.
That also means orphan pages cannot happen.

commentable content

I find this one really usefull when you want to create some docs.


can be saved, browsed, and diff can be performed against any versions

search capability

you can enter search keywords
you can see last modifications


Each pages have ACL. ACL can be editable and applied to current page or recursively to all sub nodes.

comment and history deletion

for moderators only

Admin panel

Where you can

Install program

The wizard is done in 4 steps, and you're done : you can start editing your wiki.

RSS Feed

RSS (0.91 and 1.0) version of the "Recent changes" page

plugin architecture

This is available both in the admin panel and in the wiki application.
For now, there is an UTF-8 conversion plugin, but it does not seem to work well.

UTF-8 support

Except that it seems like I have not understood something : it does not seem to work.
It's given as a plugin that allows one to convert the whole db from latin1 to UTF-8.
Existing UTF-8 characters of the sand box does not seem to work.

what links here feature

so that it is possible to know which pages link on current page

email notifications

Allow the user to be notified when someone edit a page or add a comment to a page he is watching.

Wanted features

Here are features I'd like, features I need to improve

user home page

allow registered users to have dedicated home page where they can enter what they want

multi lang support for content

this one should display the content according to user's lang and switch back to the wiki's default lang if not found.
It should provides links to translate pages when needed.

keywords and metadata on each pages

so that related pages can be added to current page

WikiWord and CamelWord

Well, just translation of the french words MotWiki and MotChameau.

I'm quite OK with MotWiki, it's related to 'keywords and metadata on each pages' wanted features. But I'm not quite convinced by MotChameau. It's a duplicated features with the standard way of creating a link.


This one needs more thought. It's not clear enough. The purpose is to enhance the anchor tag to incorporate a date and an hour so that it is possible to refer to the tag inside a page from an external site by a user friendly url.

PathInfo link

Allow the user to use PathInfo link of the form http://server/Title instead of just http://server/index.php?title=Title.
Another cool feature would be to allow the access of old version of the content by prefixing the link with the date of the version. For example : http://server/Date-Title

Site plan

Automatically generates site plan on one page with shrinkable trees (need javascript)

Anti bot registration page

See PhpBB. Do it with a text seen as an image.

Image upload tool for users

Allow users to upload images so that it is not necessary to have server access to do it.

Add an option to use wiki2xhtml as well

Alternate title

So that it is possible to specify a more readable title in some cases (traduction, title collision)