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Wednesday, 8. February 2006 22:47:03, by David Jobet


What's a metadata ?

A Metadata is a data that qualifies another data.
For example, if you have a digital camera, I guess you have now a lot of photo sitting on your pc. Chances are you are going to have trouble finding them if you have not organized them the right way at the beginning.
Recent photo handling/organizing software like digikam, kphotoalbum, or Picasa features keywords. You can add keywords to your photo so you can search by keyword later for example.

In this example, keywords are metadatas, it is a data that qualifies a photo. In Wiclear, metadatas are datas that qualifies a particular page. The WikiBlog plugin uses metadatas to add a "category" metadata to the content. This way it is possible to browse the site by metadata using the WikiBlog plugin.

Metadatas in Wiclear are quite general so I guess we are going to see things important with them in the future. Right now I must say their use is quite anecdotic : there is currently nothing using them apart to display them (and except the WikiBlog plugin).
In the future, I guess we can add things like :

Edit/View metadata

Use the metadata link available in the tool box.

Metadata link

This will display current metatas as well as a form to edit them.