Saturday, 3. March 2007 05:33:27, by David Jobet


Introducing yourself to tla (optional)

If that's your first use of tla, it's better to introduce yourself to tla :

tla my-id "Name <email@address>"

Optionally, you can create your own archive :

mkdir archives
tla make-archive email@address--2007-wiclear ~/archives/2006-wiclear

Of course you can choose another location for your archives instead of "archives".

Retrieving latest developments

Then you have several options.

First possibility : by archiving my whole archive on your disk

You can mirror my archive on your disk (in that case, you must introduce yourself to tla, see above) :

 tla register-archive david.jobet@free.fr--2007-wiclear-SOURCE http://david.jobet.free.fr/wiclear/archives-2007/
 tla make-archive --mirror-from david.jobet@free.fr--2007-wiclear-SOURCE ~/wiclear
 tla archive-mirror david.jobet@free.fr--2007-wiclear

Of course, you're free to choose another directory than just ~/wiclear.
First line declares a remote archive, second line create a locale archive that will host a remote archive. Those two lines must be executed only one.
Third line asks the synchronisation of your local archive with my remove archive. You have to re-execute it each time you want to synchronize.

Then, it is like the second possibility (see below) : you can retrieve any version you want with command tla get, the difference is that the access is quicker (because it is local) :

 tla get -A david.jobet@free.fr--2007-wiclear wiclear--dj--0.11

If you don't want to always enter the -A command, you can enter the following command :

 tla my-default-archive david.jobet@free.fr--2007-wiclear

Then :

 tla get wiclear--dj--0.11

Second possibility : by getting the last snapshot of a particular branch

Or you can get directly a particular version on disk

 tla register-archive david.jobet@free.fr--2007-wiclear http://david.jobet.free.fr/wiclear/archives-2007/
 tla get david.jobet@free.fr--2007-wiclear/wiclear--dj--0.11--base-0 wiclear

First line declares a remote archive, you must execute it only once.
Second line retrieve the last version. You have to re-execute it each time you want to be up-to-date.
Of course, you need to adapt the command line depending on which branch you want to retrieve. (See examples below)

Interesting revisions :

Examples :

 tla get david.jobet@free.fr--2005-wiclear/wiclear--dj--0.1--base-0 wiclear-0.1
 tla get david.jobet@free.fr--2005-wiclear/wiclear--dj--0.1 wiclear-0.1
 tla get david.jobet@free.fr--2005-wiclear/wiclear--dj--0.2--base-0 wiclear-0.2
 tla get david.jobet@free.fr--2005-wiclear/wiclear--dj--0.2 wiclear-0.2
 tla get david.jobet@free.fr--2005-wiclear/wiclear--dj--0.3 wiclear-0.3
 tla get david.jobet@free.fr--2005-wiclear/wiclear--dj--0.4 wiclear-0.4
 tla get david.jobet@free.fr--2005-wiclear/wiclear--dj--0.5 wiclear-0.5
 tla get david.jobet@free.fr--2005-wiclear/wiclear--dj--0.6 wiclear-0.6
 tla get david.jobet@free.fr--2005-wiclear/wiclear--dj--0.7 wiclear-0.7
 tla get david.jobet@free.fr--2005-wiclear/wiclear--dj--0.8 wiclear-0.8
 tla get david.jobet@free.fr--2006-wiclear/wiclear--dj--0.9 wiclear-0.9
 tla get david.jobet@free.fr--2006-wiclear/wiclear--dj--0.10 wiclear-0.10
 tla get david.jobet@free.fr--2007-wiclear/wiclear--dj--0.11 wiclear-0.11

My archives

My 2004 archive is still available (versions 0.1 to 0.7) here :


My 2005 archive is still available (versions 0.8 to 0.9) here :


My 2006 archive is still available (versions 0.10 to 0.11) here :


But I've switched to my new 2007 archive that is available here :


All further development will be done on that archive.

TLA on windows

Johannes Port

UsingJohannesPort you can use tla on windows.

Using Cygwin

Johannes Port seems not to work anymore since I'm using version 1.3.3. Cygwin port seems to work ok for me.

Once you're done, the above Howto works without any problems. (You will have to present you to tla : tla my-id)