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!!!Introducing yourself to tla (optional)
If that's your first use of tla, it's better to introduce yourself to tla :
tla my-id "Name <email@address>"

Optionally, you can create your own archive :
mkdir archives
tla make-archive email@address--2007-wiclear ~/archives/2006-wiclear

Of course you can choose another location for your archives instead of "archives".

!!!Retrieving latest developments
Then you have several options.

!!First possibility : by archiving my whole archive on your disk
You can mirror my archive on your disk (in that case, you must introduce yourself to tla, see above) :
tla register-archive david.jobet@free.fr--2007-wiclear-SOURCE http://david.jobet.free.fr/wiclear/archives-2007/
tla make-archive --mirror-from david.jobet@free.fr--2007-wiclear-SOURCE ~/wiclear
tla archive-mirror david.jobet@free.fr--2007-wiclear

Of course, you're free to choose another directory than just ~/wiclear.%%%
First line declares a remote archive, second line create a locale archive that will host a remote archive. Those two lines must be executed only one.%%%
Third line asks the synchronisation of your local archive with my remove archive. You have to re-execute it each time you want to synchronize.

Then, it is like the second possibility (see below) : you can retrieve any version you want with command tla get, the difference is that the access is quicker (because it is local) :
tla get -A david.jobet@free.fr--2007-wiclear wiclear--dj--0.11

If you don't want to always enter the -A command, you can enter the following command :
tla my-default-archive david.jobet@free.fr--2007-wiclear
Then :
tla get wiclear--dj--0.11

!!Second possibility : by getting the last snapshot of a particular branch
Or you can get directly a particular version on disk
tla register-archive david.jobet@free.fr--2007-wiclear http://david.jobet.free.fr/wiclear/archives-2007/
tla get david.jobet@free.fr--2007-wiclear/wiclear--dj--0.11--base-0 wiclear

First line declares a remote archive, you must execute it only once.%%%
Second line retrieve the last version. You have to re-execute it each time you want to be up-to-date.%%%
Of course, you need to adapt the command line depending on which branch you want to retrieve. (See examples below)

Interesting revisions :
* __wiclear--dj--0.1--base-0__ for 0.1 version
* __wiclear--dj--0.1__if you want 0.1 version + all patches
* __wiclear--dj--0.2--base-0__ for 0.2 version
* __wiclear--dj--0.2__ if you want 0.2 version + all patches
* __wiclear--dj--0.3--patch-1__ for 0.3 version
* __wiclear--dj--0.3__ if you want 0.3 version + all patches
* __wiclear--dj--0.4--patch-1__ for 0.4 version
* __wiclear--dj--0.4__ if you want 0.4 version + all patches
* __wiclear--dj--0.5__ if you want 0.5 version + all patches
* __wiclear--dj--0.6__ if you want 0.6 version + all patches
* __wiclear--dj--0.7__ if you want 0.7 version + all patches
* __wiclear--dj--0.8__ if you want 0.8 version + all patches
* __wiclear--dj--0.9__ if you want 0.9 version + all patches
* __wiclear--dj--0.10__ if you want 0.10 version + all patches
* __wiclear--dj--0.11__ if you want 0.11 version + all patches

Examples :
tla get david.jobet@free.fr--2005-wiclear/wiclear--dj--0.1--base-0 wiclear-0.1
tla get david.jobet@free.fr--2005-wiclear/wiclear--dj--0.1 wiclear-0.1
tla get david.jobet@free.fr--2005-wiclear/wiclear--dj--0.2--base-0 wiclear-0.2
tla get david.jobet@free.fr--2005-wiclear/wiclear--dj--0.2 wiclear-0.2
tla get david.jobet@free.fr--2005-wiclear/wiclear--dj--0.3 wiclear-0.3
tla get david.jobet@free.fr--2005-wiclear/wiclear--dj--0.4 wiclear-0.4
tla get david.jobet@free.fr--2005-wiclear/wiclear--dj--0.5 wiclear-0.5
tla get david.jobet@free.fr--2005-wiclear/wiclear--dj--0.6 wiclear-0.6
tla get david.jobet@free.fr--2005-wiclear/wiclear--dj--0.7 wiclear-0.7
tla get david.jobet@free.fr--2005-wiclear/wiclear--dj--0.8 wiclear-0.8
tla get david.jobet@free.fr--2006-wiclear/wiclear--dj--0.9 wiclear-0.9
tla get david.jobet@free.fr--2006-wiclear/wiclear--dj--0.10 wiclear-0.10
tla get david.jobet@free.fr--2007-wiclear/wiclear--dj--0.11 wiclear-0.11

!!!My archives
My 2004 archive is still available (versions 0.1 to 0.7) here :%%%
My 2005 archive is still available (versions 0.8 to 0.9) here :%%%
My 2006 archive is still available (versions 0.10 to 0.11) here :%%%
But I've switched to my new 2007 archive that is available here :%%%
All further development will be done on that archive.

!!!TLA on windows
!! Johannes Port
[UsingJohannesPort|http://wiki.gnuarch.org/moin.cgi/UsingJohannesPort?action=highlight&value=windows] you can use tla on windows.
- [download it|http://download.sipsolutions.de/tla-setup.exe]
- create a new system variable called "HOME" (the new home of tla for storing his parameters)
- use tla with the command line and follow the above TLA_HOWTO (but be sure to replace all Unix path like "~/wiclear" with a Windows path like "/wiclear" or "D:\)

!!Using Cygwin
Johannes Port seems not to work anymore since I'm using version 1.3.3.
Cygwin port seems to work ok for me.
- Install [Cygwin|http://www.cygwin.com/]
- Verify librairy "expat" is selected and installed by Cygwin (it's located under libs when you're running the setup)
- Retrieve [tla port on cygwin|http://www.geocities.com/lode_leroy/arch/]
- Follow instructions

Once you're done, the above Howto works without any problems. (You will have to present you to tla : tla my-id)