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When working with other people's branch, we want to merge their changes into our branch.

!tla replay
Replay a patch from another branch and apply it to local branch.
$> tla replay steve@wiclear--2006-wiclear/wiclear--cv--0.10
$> tla replay steve@wiclear--2006-wiclear/wiclear--cv--0.10--patch-10

!tla star merge
$> tla star-merge steve@wiclear--2006-wiclear/wiclear--cv--0.10
$> tla star-merge steve@wiclear--2006-wiclear/wiclear--cv--0.10--patch-10

Replay will apply each patch one by one 'mechanically', without trying to avoid fake conflicts caused by the two branches having been merged previously.
Star-merge tracks the branch merging history to avoid those fake conflicts.