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This page shows you the list of users that have registered to your site along with their respective rights :

((admin_users.png|Admin user panel))

As you see, currently, there are :
- david, the only admin of the site
- bertrand, a moderator
- joe, a normal user
- and notserious which has registered but has not validated its account yet.

You can :
* modify the rights of the users by using the dropdown and assign the rights you want to your users. Once you're done you can hit the "Update rights" button to update all rights at once.
* delete a user by using the delete link.
* force the confirmation of a user by using the "confirm" link (in this example, you can confirm user notserious).
* see the details of a user by clicking on its login.

((admin_view_user.png|View user details))

An admin can
* login in the admin panel
* moderates the site (it is a moderator too. See details below)
* act as a normal user

=> an admin has all rights

A moderator can
* moderates the site (delete comments, history, attachments, metadatas, assign ACLs, ...)
* act as a normal user

A moderator cannot login in the admin panel.

A normal user is a logged user or an anonymous user. What he can do is restricted by the site's wide preferences. Usually he can do everything except deleting content or setting rights.