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Wednesday, 25. May 2005 17:11:41, by David Jobet


Welcome to wiclear home page

Wiclear is a Wiki engine. That is, a software to create web sites where content is freely editable online. Wiclear is in early development and has few features, compared to more advanced projects like Wikini, Wikimedia or other well known wiki engines : you'd better use them before looking in more details to WiClear.

What are the goals of WiClear ?

WiClear is all the most an attempt to rewrite the Nosica web site. Nosica used a very light wiki (home made), and it was time to rewrite it in good php. It is Dotclear that gave me the desire to rewrite a wiki and learn some more php.
Main features are easy themability, multi lang supports (not only UI but content as well), and a plugin architecture.

Want to know more ?

See Features page for current features and planned features.
See Requirements for what you need if you want to give a try to wiclear.
See Download page to download stable versions, or see tla page to retrieve development version.
Test Wiclear in the Bugs page or in the Sand box page.
See Web sites using Wiclear


2005, 25th of May

Wiclear version 0.8 is nearly ready. You can get a pre version on the Download page.
Main features are :

I'm waiting only for a new theme to publish the version with, of course, the usual bug fixes that will come along. Thomas Beck, already the author of the german translation promised me a new theme, I'm trying to make another too. If willing persons want to make one on their own, I guess we can organize a contest for the default theme ! :-)

2005, 17th of February

Wiclear version 0.7.1 is out ! Get it on the Download page.
This is a minor bug fix release for history on translation.

2005, 09th of February

Wiclear version 0.7-final is out ! Get it on the Download page.
This brings in multilingual content.
Now your wiki can contain several lang at once, and you can quickly identify in which lang the content you're currently browsing is in. You can have access to all translated version of a particular page in one click. Number of langs is limited only by the willingness of the administrator and by the translators.
You can convert your old 0.6 installation by following that quick update howto.

2004, 04th of November

0.6 is out ! Get it on the Download page.

2004, 10th of October

0.5 is out ! Get it on the Download page.