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! A hierarchical structure
Wiclear is organized in a hierarchical structure.%%%
That means, that you can see your wiki just like your hard drive with folders and file.%%%
Each wiki page is a file by itself and can be made to act as a containing folder for more files.%%%

! Understanding where current page is in the hierarchy
The hierarchy is shown to you with two areas
* one is at top and indicates where you are in the hierarchy (Wiclear > hierarchical structure)
* one is at the right ("sub nodes") and indicates if there are other pages under the page you're currently viewing.

This way, you can organized your wiki by category, by subject or whatever kind of sort you can imagine. This makes it easier to find information and it means also you cannot have orphan pages as all pages are attached to a parent page.

! Editing the hierarchy relationship
When you click on the "Edit" link, you see several fields.
* title : the title of the current node. This is the one to use to make links
* alternative title : another title to show in place of the real title because it is more meaningful for example. It can be left empty
* parent section : this is here you will choose the parent of current node
* edit area : to enter the content

! Site plan
To quickly see how's your hierarchy organized you can use the "Site Plan" link on the right (which is a plugin) to display all pages.