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Wiclear supports multi lang (multiple language) in two ways.

Wiclear supports i18n by allowing one to create new translation for the ui. This means one can simply create a lang file to translate the interface (text, links, buttons, forms) in a particular language.

!content is multilingual
I guess this one is pretty unique and is one of the killer feature of wiclear.%%%
When you register, you choose a lang in which you want to see the wiki's content. Whatever the page you're seeing or the link you're following : if the particular page you're about to see is available in your chosen preferred language then it is shown to you. Only if the translation does not exist yet than the original page is shown.%%%
This has nothing to do with hand modified link name, if you look at the source of a page, you will see link names are the same, this is only because Wiclear supports natively the notion of multiple langs.%%%
Langs are declared in the admin panel. For example, on this particular wiki, both "en" and "fr" langs are declared. This is why you see two small lang flags right below the title of this page. Those flags lead to the same page in several language (if they exist). Each translations are "linked" to their original page.

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