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Warning : this page has been slighly updated but better information is available in the doxygen documentation. See page [Plugin howto|http://wiclear.free.fr/doc/html/plugin_howto.html].

!!!How to make a plugin
You first have to decide which kind of plugin you want to create.
* Is it an admin plugin ?
* Is it a site wide plugin ?

!!Admin plugin
Admin plugin are located inside admin/tools.%%%
To create a new plugin, simply
* create a new directory inside admin/tools. For example, create admin/tools/my_plugin
* create a file desc.conf inside admin/tools/my_plugin
* create a file index.php inside admin/tools/my_plugin

!desc.conf file
This file has the same syntax as the lang file located into i18n directories.%%%
You must have 4 different entries :
* Name : the name of the plugin
* Author : who is the author
* Description : a description of the plugin
* Icon : which file to use in the plugin directory as an icon

Example :
UTF8 conversion tool
David Jobet
A tool to convert your wiki to UTF8

!index.php file
This is the code that will get called when the plugin is activated. Code it as if you were directly called.%%%
You can of course include wiclear classes if they are not already included.%%%
Take a look at utf8conversion plugin given in the main distribution.

!!Site wide plugin
As admin plugins, you should put them inside a tools directory .%%%
To register, the plugin simply has to declare its callback functions using the PluginManager. There are 3 different kinds of callback available :
* contentBoxHandle : called to output something in the web page. Signature void -> string.
* userActionHandle : called to handle an incoming request before anything is outputed in the web page. Signature void->void.
* browserTitlePageHandl : called to customize the title of the browser when handling a contentBoxHandle page

Example : (file tools/trackback/hooks.inc.php)
global $pluginManager;
$pluginManager->addContentBoxHandle("trackback_add_ping", "addPing");
$pluginManager->addUserActionHandle("trackback_discover", "onTrackbackDiscover");
$pluginManager->addUserActionHandle("trackback_do_ping", "onTrackbackPing");
$pluginManager->addUserActionHandle("trackback_del", "onTrackbackDelete");
$pluginManager->addBrowserTitlePageHandle("trackback_add_ping", "browserAddTrackback");

Which means that when wiclear will get an incoming request, it will decode the "mode" _GET variable and use the registered function defined in these two map to handle the request.%%%