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Sunday, 18. March 2007 12:18:52, by anonymous anonymous



WARNING : Access rights are only available to moderators

Why setting access rights

The reasons can be numerous :

How ?

Use the "edit ACL" link available in the edit area.

Edit acl link

You will be displayed the following form :

Acl form

Currently, ACL support only write rights. In the future, you will have also :

On the left are shown the list of available groups. On the right are shown the list of groups having the write rights to the page.

Groups are defined in the admin panel. See the related documentation.

If you want to apply this change to all children of the page you're currently editing, then check the "Apply recursively" checkbox, then use the ">>" or the "<<" button. The operation will be applied on all children too.

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Restriction to User level

Tuesday, 5. September 2006 12:08:10, by Foz

I would like to restrict a section of the hierarchy to a user, for instance:


Admins would have access to the entire site, An author would only have access to the pages they create within their own area, but Author1 would not have access to Author2's content.

Bar creating a group per user, is there any other way of doing this?

Not for the moment

Wednesday, 6. September 2006 02:36:50, by David Jobet

I'm afraid you're right. Right now, the only way of doing this is to create one group per user.
What could be done is to handle a user as a group. This would discard the need to create a group per user. Then what can be done right after is to either
- have acls inherits parent acl on creation
- have user define their default creation rights


Wednesday, 6. September 2006 10:15:50, by Foz

Thanks for the response!

I think personally, the ideal solution for me would be the ability to add users AND groups to an ACL. This way, a shared source on the site can be given to a group, but personal space would be just to a user. And I also know what sounds very simple could/would be extremely hard to do to the code behind - or means a massive change.

Also, how would I automatically inherit the parent ACL? Obviously that would be the best case, as if they want to add more people to the ACL then they can afterwards.
Would that be something that would have to be added to WiClear or is that a preference that I haven't seen yet?

This has to be done

Thursday, 7. September 2006 02:28:10, by David Jobet

I'm afraid this has to be done.
I know of people who have already done this dev to wiclear, but unfortunately they did not send me the patches so I have to do it again.
Right now, I'd like to stop adding new features and fix the existing problems to deliver a 1.0 version.
As I've recently moved from Paris to New York, I cannot do it right now (I have to find an appartment for my family and complete all the paperwork) but I guess this will be done in a near future.

ACL Type of 0

Wednesday, 13. May 2009 15:21:37, by Matt Boesch

I see in our wiclear database that there is an acl_type value of "0" in the content_group table. What doesan acl_type of 0 mean? An example is below.

| content_fk | group_fk | acl_type | user_fk |
| 385 | 9 | 0 | 0 |
| 385 | 3 | 0 | 0 |
| 385 | 8 | 0 | 0 |

Don't know

Saturday, 16. May 2009 23:37:47, by David Jobet

Hello, acl_type should start at 1.
Don't know what 0 is. (you can look at lib/constants.lib for value definitions)

I had a quick look to the db of my different sites using wiclear : no such value.
So either you have hit a bug (yet to reproduce) or you or someone else did a manual operation on the database.