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Tuesday, 24. April 2007 19:43:40, by David Jobet




This is the central room to configure the behaviour of Wiclear.

Admin preferences

Basic configuration

You will find here most of the configuration option that were asked to you during install. Things like database name, login and password, Wiki name or reply-to email address.

Basic rights

This is here you will be able to change some basic rights

Editing conf

This is here you will change some editing behaviour


This is here you will choose the theme to use. Currently, Wiclear is shipped with 3 themes

There is another theme named dokuwiki_blog which is just a variation of the dokuwiki theme and enables the wiki_blog plugin. It transforms your wiki into a blog.

Url style

Wiclear supports 4 different url styles :

The "get" format means all parameters to each pages are passed using the form &variable=value. Example : http://localhost/wiclear/index.php?title=test&lang=en

The "path_info" format means page's link can be accessed with the '/' separator : http://localhost/wiclear/index.php/en/test
As it is not possible to use this style of url for each pages, url style will revert to "get" for other operations.

The "query_string" mode replaces the first 'index.php/' with only '?' as in http://localhost/wiclear/?en/test As the path_info format, for more complicated url, we revert to "get" format.

"path_info_mod_rewrite" is a variation around the "path_info" format. For it to works, you need help from the apache web server. The idea is to generate some url that the web server will transform on the fly so that the right page is served (this is called mod_rewrite). You will need a configuration file named .htaccess that will describe the kind of transformation apache will need to apply to transform those friendly url into apache understandable url. Generated urls can be of the form : http://localhost/wiclear/en/test
As you see this is even better than the "query_string" format.
To put in place the .htaccess file, you have two choices :

Other fields

The last remaining fields are path related configuration fields :

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