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Thursday, 21. December 2006 02:50:35, by David Jobet




This features allows one to :

Browsing page attachments

You can browse the existing files attached to a page using the Attachments link in the tool area.

Attachment link

You will see the list of files attached.

Attachment list

On each line is diplayed an attached file with information like

Uploading files

To upload files, use the Attchment link described above and use the form located below the list of attached files.
Locate the file you want to upload and hit the attach button : your new file will be attached to the page and therefore will appear in the list of files attached. If it's an image you can later refer to it by using the image tag.

Browsing all attachments

This one allows you to browse the whole content of your upload directory. The attachment feature doesn't allow you to create new directories and to use a subdirectory to upload files yet. But admins can use other means (other webtools or transfer tools) to upload files in this directory or in subdirectories.
This browser shows you everything : files, directories and allows you to browse in subdirectories too.
As the attachment list, this browser handles some mimetypes and show icons when it recognized files (pdf, mp3, mpg, images, ...).

Creating galleries

If you want to create galleries that are displayed inside your page, follow the following steps :

Note : all subdirectory are relative to your upload directory.

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Monday, 21. August 2006 20:36:45, by IrnBru001

What do I do if the attach button doesn't work?

A bug or config problem

Monday, 21. August 2006 20:55:32, by David Jobet

In that case, this is either a bug or a config problem.
You might have PHP security preventing you to use the upload html facility, or you might have a permission problem on the directory you're using as upload dir, ...


Wednesday, 20. December 2006 18:17:50, by Firesong

I have tried the gallery function. What is the use of height and width, and is there a required library in php to make the thumbnails? My page shows the gallery title as a title, but none of the pictures in the directory show.

Not the right dir ?

Thursday, 21. December 2006 02:49:30, by David Jobet

Thumb generation is done using gd lib.
Width and Height are used to scale thumbs to a max of width and height while respecting aspect ratio.
If you see only a title, that's likely you didn't put your images in the right dir. All gallery paths are relative to the upload directory. By default this is the 'images' directory. It can be changed in the admin panel. If there have had a problem with gd for example, you would have seen frames, image name and size but no thumbs. That's what makes me think you tried to access a dir outside the upload directory. If you're not sure, try to browse your upload dir using the browse tool (http://wiclear.free.fr/?Attachments#toc_3) if you don't see the directory you tried to show using the gallery, then you just found the problem.