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Monday, 25. September 2006 17:06:14, by Steven Whitbread



Lang packs

Italian (it) lang pack

by Enrico Strocchi <strocchienr _AT_ gmail _DOT_ com>

Dutch (nl) lang pack

by Jasper de Graaf <jasper _AT_ degraafonline _DOT_ com>

Slovene (sl) lang pack

by Dusan Smolnikar <dusan _DOT_ smolnikar _AT_ gmail _DOT_ com>

Deutsch (de) lang pack

by Alexander Hoff <AHoff_06 _AT_ bian-fu _DOT_ net> and Thomas Beck <1981Neo _AT_ gmx _DOT_ de>

Russian (ru) lang pack

by Mikhail Vladimirov <vladimirow _AT_ mail _DOT_ ru>

Antibot registration page

by crefff <crefff _AT_ gmail _DOT_ com>

Some ideas from steve

steve ideas

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