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English Database maintenance

Wednesday, 28. March 2007 18:33:37, by David Jobet




This entry shows you two buttons to perform some maintenance on the database. If Wiclear was a perfect piece of software we wouldn't need it. Alas Wiclear sometimes has bug and those tools try to repair them.

Database maintenance

First one "verify and repair" tries to repair the hierarchy relationship by rebuilding redundant information which is used to speed up hierarchical operation. If your site plan seems weird or if the sub nodes area does not show the same thing as the parent node area, try using it. Most of the time it will make those probems disapear. Please if you know how to reproduce the problem, report the bug to me so I can correct it.

Second one "canonize" tries to look for orphan data (data referencing or being referenced by something that has disapeared) and remove them. Using it should have no visible effects but should make your database shrink a little if something went wrong when processing some kind of data removal

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