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Thursday, 26. July 2007 14:49:17, by David Jobet



Is Wiclear a fork of dotclear ?

No, Wiclear has nothing in common with DotClear except some icons (I asked Olivier Meunier) and some lines of code.

As stated on the main page, the quality of Dotclear gave me the desire to write a wiki to answer specific problems I encoutered on a previous experience. I had a look to Dotclear's code to see how some problems were resolved, I even copied some lines of code (<100 lines), and I initially mimic the file organization (but that's not true anymore).

In short, except the name, Wiclear is not related and share nothing with Dotclear. It is not a plugin, and cannot be integrated with Dotclear.

Theme : Display sub nodes in a page

Sub nodes can be displayed using the function subContentBox(). See documentation page dedicated to function available for building theme.

I can't see sub nodes in a page

Possible causes :

If you think that it is a cache problem and you found a reproductible way to show the problem, then what I'd like is a bug report.

What if I want a specific feature

Modify the Features page. If I'm interested in the feature I'll do it. If I'm not I won't do it, but you can do it. Keep in mind I'm developping Wiclear on my free time for fun. This is not a work I'm getting paid for. I want this web application to remain a hobby, and my family is the top priority. So don't ask me when this particular version/feature will be done. It will be done someday, maybe.

I found a bug, how to report it ?

Modify the Bugs page. Bugs are my top priority. If you give me enough information or are ready to spend some time with me, I'll have it resolved.

I want to help

I don't believe anymore in people wanting to help. People that want to help actually *do* it, and specifically don't ask if they can. If you want to help, have a look to the bug page, to the feature page, to the documentation here and here, to the design aspect of the web site and code. Then send a patch.
I'd like to say a big thanks to people who have previously contributed to Wiclear. Specifically to people that reported bugs, that have provided i18n translation packages and to those who have sent patches. They all did it by themselves, on their own, and all patches were integrated, except for once.

Installation of Wiclear

on Free (http://www.free.fr)

Free changed its php configuration. It is not that easy to use php sessions.
Before you start the install program, you should manually create a directory called 'sessions' at the root of your site. If you do not create this directory, you will experience strange warning like :

 session_start(): open(/var/www/free.fr/f/9/your_free_acount/sessions/sess_6fa2435e294c23a2cb6a99f57b5cf4bc, O_RDWR) failed: No such file or directory (2) in

Creation problem with session directory

Since 0.8.2, Wiclear tries to create automatically the session dir if it doesn't exist. The purpose is to try preventing the problem described above. Problem is this step can sometimes fail (SIC). In that case, you will have to edit file install/index.php, and comment lines 48 to 52 which should read :

   file_exists($session_dir) & is_writable($session_dir),
   tr("session dir")." ".$session_dir." ".tr("exists and is writable"),
   tr("session dir")." ".$session_dir." ".tr("does not exist or is not writable : sessions will not work")

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To make a trackback, use ping url http://wiclear.free.fr/tools/trackback/trackback.php?id=78

If your client support ping url auto discovery, you can also try it using directly this page's url


Importing users

Friday, 29. August 2008 11:18:07, by jean-pierre TSCHANG


We have just installed a test platform to evaluate WiClear and we would like to know if there is a possibility to import our users into WiClear instead of asking them to register or to enter them manually. We all have them recorded into an SQL database and we have a couple of thousands of them ! Is it possible to import them with their current password ?

Thanks, regards


Short answer : no

Friday, 29. August 2008 20:51:54, by David Jobet

Hello, so no, the answer is currently you can't.

Wiclear still lacks a lot compared to most advanced wiki (target is personal use, small team).
The admin cannot import users. If it could, it would still be manual to remain general. Otherwise, we would need an import plugin for each and every known wiki/forum/blog. This is possible of course, but none exist so far.

What you need is a script knowing the layout of your database and creating accounts inside wiclear's database, this is easily doable. If you have some knowledge of PHP, have a look here : http://wiclear.free.fr/doc/html/classwiki.html
What you then need is some glue which :
- connect to your database and load all users,
- connect to wiclear, by reusing wiclear's existing classes and call the relevant addUnconfirmedUser/confirmUser methods

Hope this helps



Wednesday, 8. October 2008 10:21:13, by Michael Peters

I'm having trouble understanding how to make a table. Most things I've figured out, but I can't seem to figure out the proper syntax for creating a simple table. Is there a text example somewhere I can look at?

I'm using wiclear-2008-07-19

There is an example in the sand box

Wednesday, 8. October 2008 23:25:24, by David Jobet

You can look at the sandbox here : http://wiclear.free.fr/?en/Sand%20box

The basic syntax is just to use '|' as a separator, like in :
| person 1 | field 1 | field 2
| person 2 | field 3 | field 4