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Saturday, 17. February 2007 01:55:23, by David Jobet



The installation program allows you to easily install Wiclear.
If you had already installed wiclear, it enables you to update your wiclear installation.


The procedure is described in the Install howto :

Maintenance mode message after deployment

The installation program will now show a basic verification page (click to continue).


The procedure is covered in the Update howto. However if we take the same notation as above, here are the following steps :

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Mine is not like WiClear site.

Wednesday, 16. April 2008 19:24:10, by Tony Liuh

I tried to install WiClear on my computer, but after I installed it and I found it is not like wiclear.free.fr website. No menu navigation system in my computer and there are many useless links such W3C, and RSS. I have to create my own index.php and try it.

Yes, it is :-)

Wednesday, 16. April 2008 20:20:14, by David Jobet

Once wiclear is installed, it uses the default theme which has no css.
Just go to the admin panel, choose preferences, and use a different themes there.
Then go back to your wiki and see how it changed.

More information here : http://wiclear.free.fr/?en/Admin%20preferences