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Wednesday, 8. February 2006 10:06:20, by David Jobet



Why register

Some features are only allowed to registered users. For example, subscribing to a page is only allowed to registered user. The admin may also allow page modifications to registered users only.


You will be able to register to Wiclear only if the admin allows it. In the case the admin allowed it, you will see a Register link. For example, on this site, the Register link is located at the bottom of the page.

Register link

Click on it, you will be displayed a register form.

Register form

The first part of the form is an antibot workaround : an image is generated containing some text, and you have to write it down to prove you're not a bot trying to spam the site.
The second part of the form is the login form, you will have to complete at least :

Once you have completed the form, click on the "Register" button. You should see the following page : register result

This means an email has been sent to you using the email address you just entered. The email contains an "activation" link. This is a link to the website you just registered to. You will have to visit this link in order to activate your account. If you don't visit the link, you will not be able to login.

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