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English They're talking about Wiclear

Monday, 15. March 2010 20:35:19, by David Jobet




What raises is that wiclear lacks

I'll add editing support later, html is already supported provided a one line fix, and I don't plan to support php right now. I need feedback for ergonomy.

Update :

Web sites


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Monday, 1. May 2006 04:09:07, by guest guest

Already thought about submitting WiClear to www.opensourcecms.com? Doesn't seem to be known there.


Wednesday, 21. June 2006 13:38:19, by David Jobet

I tried twice. No answer, no update on their site. I guess Wiclear is not known enough. Nevermind.

Thanks ...

Monday, 15. January 2007 10:35:13, by Do Young-Min

Your contribution becomes known to here also...to far east.
thanks for your endeavors to the world....from a Korean guy..

Thank you

Monday, 15. January 2007 18:05:43, by David Jobet

Thank you for your support.
Did you think of contributing a translation ?