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Wednesday, 28. March 2007 18:31:53, by anonymous anonymous




This is the central place to manage installed plugins.

Currently it will only list all installed plugins. If the plugin allows interaction, you will be able to click on its title so that it displays a custom interface. The trackback plugin and the wiki_blog plugin must be installed/configured this way before their first use.

Admin tools

In the future you will be able to uninstall plugins from here too. And I hope I will be able to provide an installer plugin so that you can install a new plugin from internet right from here.

If you wish to uninstall a plugin, then you will have to fire your favorite ftp/file management tools and go into directory

And manually removed the directory of the plugin you want to "uninstall".

For example, if you want to remove the wiki_blog plugin because you want to make a wiki, not a blog, then do the following :

 cd path-to-wiclear
 rm -Rf tools/wiki_blog
 rm -Rf admin/tools/wiki_blog

No trackbacks yet

To make a trackback, use ping url http://wiclear.free.fr/tools/trackback/trackback.php?id=126

If your client support ping url auto discovery, you can also try it using directly this page's url

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