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Sunday, 4. December 2005 17:03:26, by David Jobet



The trackback plugin allows one to ping other sites from a Wiclear-powered site and to receive trackbacks from them.

Making a trackback from a site to a Wiclear powered site

Making a ping from a Wiclear powered site

Use the Add trackback link in the tool box of the right sidebar.
You can either enter one or more ping urls in the form, or ask Wiclear to autodiscover them for you by analysing each urls contained in the wiki page, then you can ping those urls.

Trackbacks also support email notifications and right managements.

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To make a trackback, use ping url http://wiclear.free.fr/tools/trackback/trackback.php?id=89

If your client support ping url auto discovery, you can also try it using directly this page's url

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