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English Wiki_blog plugin bugs and features

Tuesday, 30. October 2007 11:37:02, by Gregor Gresak



I'm impressed by the WikiBlog plugin. It has almost everything ... and also some bugs and maybe missing features ...

David : Well thank you ! :-) Did you had a look to my own blog ? The look is quite ugly but it does the trick :-)

David : Just a word about Wiclear : I'm not really active on that project since 2 months. Other things to do mostly and a little bit of discouraging because I failed to make wiclear attractive to other developpers and I don't have a lot of users. That being said, I really plan to fix all bugs that have been reported lately, so I'll try to improve the wiki_blog plugin at the same time. Can't give you a date though...


Root page not shown on the main page

I have got my wiki_blog to work. Look's like charming look and don't bother about speed: it's a crappy server. However notice that the blog is now empty, yet if you click the Blog category, there is one article: the root article, the first one I have written sofar. How did it happen? I have written my article and then choose to make it belong to the Blog category and to make it root. After that, I erased the old "sucesfully instaled" article, navigated back to home and noticed there's nothing about my article there ... fortunately, the date was highlited so I could check out the article was still there, it only didn't show on the main page.

David : Indeed. Well, I must say it's been a long time since I've tested the "Make root". Can you try the cleanup function available in the admin panel and see what it gives you ? I suspect that may be trickier than that because the root page is identified in the database by the only page which has the parent_id pointing to itself. If this does not woek you may have to manually edit the parent_id value. See the Schema for help.

I now there's an easy walkaround: just write a dummy article and make it root, however I would like to know if it is the only way.

David : Well, usually the easiest step is to edit the page "successfully installed" then go to the history of the page and delete the versions of the page you don't want to see. But that's too late for that ! :-)


Configure the number of entries on homepage

The wiki_blog actualy displays the first 20 articles on the main page. If these are short, that's okay, otherwise the page could be quite long ... Wouldn't it be great if this number was configurable?

David : Indeed. I'm just lacking a "per plugin" configuration file like the main config.ini. Should not be hard to do.

Switch between the blog and wiki view

Imagine having a normal wiki-style homepage with a link to the blog, that integrally displays latest entries ...

David : What do you mean ? Having the possibility to identify a random page in the wiki and make it a blog ? Well, no does not work as the page would not really exist. So does this means : have the possibility to "activate" the blog by using a particular url argument ? Can you be more precise ?

No, this would be valid only for the home page. The "blog" view would be either a mode or a special page.

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